Today I am a tourist no more. I am not here to see, but to BE. I am no longer here for what I can gain, but for what I can give.

I will be thankful for each breath, and each step I take. I will accept what comes along the way, and not be angry when it is not my way.

I will be kind to all, taking only what I really need, (paying  a fair price) and leaving only footprints behind.

When the road gets hard I will walk on. When there is beauty I will stop and enjoy.

I will accept each sound, each smell, each taste, everything I see and touch as a blessing for this moment.

I am not here to buy, but to be…

From today I will be a Pilgrim on the journey of life… I shall not complain..

Bless that seagull whose delightful and volumous screeching has awaken me to my journey today… _20180622_063157.JPG


The light is coming, time to take a walk. The destination is of no importance  but each step of the journey matters.

For I am a Peregrino..

Ultreia! DSC_0158.JPG