Singing in the Rain…

Our region is very hard hit by one of the most severe droughts ever.

I am aiming to reach 150 km of hiking in March, and needed my last 8 km to reach my goal. So on this Good Friday my wife, my dog and I went for a walk. It seemed a little bit cloudy, but I could not lay my hands on my daypack with my raingear. So we started walking. Just outside town, before the 1 km mark, the raindrops started falling. But we decided to press on. At the 2 km mark I was already drenched, and then it started pouring down hard. But we pressed on towards our turning point at 4.25 km.

It is uphill all the way out, and downhill back home. I was soaked through, and my dog too, my wife came prepared for rain.

When it is so dry I really like walking in the rain. The raindrops became puddles, and the puddles became a stream flowing down towards the nearly dry river.

It was such fun, walking with my wife and my dog, soaking wet.

And when we came back into town: a glorious rainbow against the setting sun shining through the clouds.

Life is good! And tomorrow is my 28th wedding anniversary. I am blessed!