Unexpected Joy!

First the confession- I am guilty… Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa… I have lost my muse for blog writing. It has been months and even years since I wrote regularly. Now I am down to one follower, thank YOU, oh patient one!  But I really want to share this…

Yesterday we drove around in our district. We live in a beautiful part of South Africa. Outside our town there is an antique store on a farm- Oude Werf, It is about 2.4 km from the main road on a spectacular gravel road.

And then we saw them for the first time. I have heard about them from the owners, but they are quite good at hiding. I only had my phone with me, it is not nearly photography  club beginner standard photos. But good enough to share the feel of the moment…

The two baby giraffes…


Yes I know, it was nearly noon, the light is harsh. I had to zoom with my Sony Xperia, pixelating is a problem… but just say Aaaawwwe… .

And nearby- their parents and a friend was visiting around a clump of grass…



It was such joy finding these moments on our way to a coffee and antique shop outside our town. Winter is beautiful around our part of the world as well.

Post Camino Blues…

One week ago today we started flying back home from Madrid after our Portuguese Camino. It was a very hot day in Madrid, and even more hot when we stood over in Doha.

Flying into South Africa we landed smack bang into winter. And since stepping off the plane, it feels like we are in a permanent cold front in our home town. It was extremely cold so far relative to our normal weather.

On the Camino you had the daily task of walking, looking for coffee or beer, looking for a meal, and arriving at your accommodation. It was good not being too in touch with the daily reality of life in South Africa these days. People along the route were friendly, and happy to see you there.  No worries, to just keep walking every day…

And then we came back..



Today I am a tourist no more. I am not here to see, but to BE. I am no longer here for what I can gain, but for what I can give.

I will be thankful for each breath, and each step I take. I will accept what comes along the way, and not be angry when it is not my way.

I will be kind to all, taking only what I really need, (paying  a fair price) and leaving only footprints behind.

When the road gets hard I will walk on. When there is beauty I will stop and enjoy.

I will accept each sound, each smell, each taste, everything I see and touch as a blessing for this moment.

I am not here to buy, but to be…

From today I will be a Pilgrim on the journey of life… I shall not complain..

Bless that seagull whose delightful and volumous screeching has awaken me to my journey today… _20180622_063157.JPG


The light is coming, time to take a walk. The destination is of no importance  but each step of the journey matters.

For I am a Peregrino..

Ultreia! DSC_0158.JPG

Today is the day that the Lord has made…

Countdown timer to departure: o days and 12 hours.

I remember with my previous Camino in 2011 I have just started blogging. And then I thought it very original to write the title of the post  ” ‘Cause I’m leavin’ on a jetplane…”  Afterwards, with the growing wisdom as the years went by, I saw nearly every other person blogging also used that one to announce their departure.

But nobody ever announced their departure better than Douglas Adams’ dolphins…

images (2)
H2G2 wallpaper

Except Jesus, leaving his life behind on the cross with the word “tetelestai”… It is done…

But this is not done, it is the Genesis of a new adventure, and an Exodus into the desert out of our comfort zone, and I hope the Numbers add up. No clue what to do with Leviticus and Deuteronomy on this trip, might call my boots that…

I have woken up excited. It will be my first trip on an airplane in 7 years, since the last Camino. Last night we had the mother of all parties for our kids- the two of the four that could be with us.  We had a marvelous rumpsteak on the grill, with some salads and wine, definitely wine- a good Pinotage. We had laughter and joy. And as I was laying in bed earlier this morning, the Camino softly greeted me. I felt joy and gratitude already.  I have a wonderful wife walking alongside me on the journey of life. We are blessed with four beautiful children, each their own unique individual. I do have a very comfortable bed, which makes it very hard to get out of on such a winter’s day… (now that song will be spinning in my head for the next few hours…)  I have friends that I can go to war with, and I even most of the time love my job.

Because I work with the pain of people every single day, I tend to see all the wrong things in life. I hear of everything that can go wrong daily. Unconsciously that creeps up to me at night, wondering when it will be my turn to hurt.  But that is why I need experiences like the Camino. It is so good to focus on what is beautiful, what is possible, and how the Camino provides…  Everything do work out in the end.  That is what Pi Patel promised. 🙂

So yes, while the rest of the house are waking up, I thought I would just pack up my laptop, and then the keyboard has drawn me closer. I think everything is ok, I think I have remembered everything, and it found it’s place somewhere in my backpack.

So today is the day. The purple plane waits.

” ‘Cause I’m leaving, on a Jetplane, don’t know when I’ll be back again…”