Day 7: Baiona

I really had to think hard to get the days right… We left at 8 this morning at Casa Puertes in Oia, really a good experience to stay there last night!

We waited for the sun to set over the Atlantic last night, it obliged at 22h17! But before that, dear Kenneth, I watched it going down the correct and proper  way…DSC_0430.JPG

We were really hurting bad last night. This morning a new day dawned on our Camino.

When we started walking early it was way cooler, and we enjoyed most of the sights, except the walking alongside the main route… but that is life, you don’t always get to choose the route.

After Mougas Campsite the Camino veers off to the right to go across a mountain. (Ok, maybe not a mountain but remember I live in a flat part of the world…) Look out for this sign on the right and do close the gate!

While you are climbing, do take a moment to enjoy the view!DSC_0474.JPG

When you come down from the first mountain, you will pass through a town again but no open coffee shops! When you are about to expire from thirst, the Camino provides again… in the shade of a house, good water!

The second climb is no fun at all on the July mid day heat. But the good people of Galicea has provided shade and water and rest at the top.

At this park the route is not marked at all, turn downwards between the park and children’s playground across the road.

We were tired and hungry and gatvol. Then we came across this jewel of a restaurant.

We shared a menu of the day and a large beer, it was really good and prepared with love.

We were blown away by Baiona! We across the world has not even heard about it, but it is beautiful!


We love the yaughts (how do you spell really big expensive boats?  and the castle and the small beach… But now we are really tired again and off to bed. Look at what my wife makes me eat tonight!

Madrid: a beautiful day so far!

We have just one full day in Madrid at the moment. We were so happy to arrive yesterday after two long flights. Eight hours to Qatar, and then 7 to Spain.

This morning we started by going to tea with the king in the Royal palace… but for some reason they would not invite us in. .. Then we walked around a bit. For South Africans it is always amazing seeing the old European cities. DSC_0018.JPG

We discovered a delightful restaurant in the corner of the Plaza Mayor, and had our first Cafe con Leche on Spanish soil. What a beautiful place!DSC_0028.JPG

DSC_0024.JPGAfterwards we walked all the way to the Parque de Retiro, where we spent some good hours in the stillness of the park. DSC_0043.JPGWe sat for a long time on a bench, listening to a really good saxophone player.


Yes, we saw the devil’s statue- the Fallen Angel.. DSC_0032.JPG The delight of music, good food and nature at its best makes today a very happy day in my life. Thought I would quickly share this before taking a siesta. It is really hot in Madrid today and we have walked more than 8 km so far. No complaints, enjoying myself a lot today!

Just a question:What is the story with all these dolls, each painted another color? DSC_0045.JPG