Unexpected Joy!

First the confession- I am guilty… Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa… I have lost my muse for blog writing. It has been months and even years since I wrote regularly. Now I am down to one follower, thank YOU, oh patient one!  But I really want to share this…

Yesterday we drove around in our district. We live in a beautiful part of South Africa. Outside our town there is an antique store on a farm- Oude Werf, It is about 2.4 km from the main road on a spectacular gravel road.

And then we saw them for the first time. I have heard about them from the owners, but they are quite good at hiding. I only had my phone with me, it is not nearly photography  club beginner standard photos. But good enough to share the feel of the moment…

The two baby giraffes…


Yes I know, it was nearly noon, the light is harsh. I had to zoom with my Sony Xperia, pixelating is a problem… but just say Aaaawwwe… .

And nearby- their parents and a friend was visiting around a clump of grass…



It was such joy finding these moments on our way to a coffee and antique shop outside our town. Winter is beautiful around our part of the world as well.

3 thoughts on “Unexpected Joy!

  1. You are not alone…. still following!
    Thank you. You’ve always something worthwhile to say. Don’t give up.


  2. Hi Ewald!
    I’m still following you so I must be that lucky follower. 🙂
    Awww! Thank you for sharing those pictures capturing the beauty of the moment. Giraffes are my favourite animals and I’d love seeing one of them in their natural habitat one day. So far, I’ve only seen them in zoos. I just went to visit my favourite Berlin giraffes last Saturday. I simply can’t take my eyes off them and I believe no picture will ever pay enough tribute to them. So since your pictures are really cute, I can’t even imagine how seeing them right in front of you must have felt. Here’s to giraffes! Have a great day and thanks again for sharing. 🙂


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