Deviations in direction in the journey of life…

After the Camino  in July 2018 I went through some pretty serious times in my life.  I knew this would be a year of transformation, and that I need to take a few steps to get my own life in order.

Since October I have gotten much more serious in my walk with God, with a daily time of devotion that was booked into my diary.

I grew a lot in leadership since discovering Carey Nieuwhof’s podcast, and reading up on a lot of his guests, buying their books where I can.

Books that influenced me a lot; Carey Nieuwhof’s “I didn’t see it coming,” Andy Stanley’s “Irresistable”, Francis Chan’s “Letters to the Church” to name just a few books I worked through in these times.

I have also been exercising a lot. I was walking about 6 km two times a week, and then started cycling again. Last week I was on the bike for three 31 km sessions.

Spiritually and physically it was a few months of growth in my life. I am starting to feel fit again, more optimistic, more useful.

But then: last Friday I landed in hospital. My appendix was gone, in a bad shape, and seriously threatening my health. It had to come out immediately. So I had to go to our capital city and got the operation the same day. I had to spend the next 4 nights in hospital, to go through the complete course of antibiotics. I finally got out of hospital yesterday. Feeling much better, but moving really slow.

I am taken off cycling for the next 6 weeks. It is a huge problem, for I was training to compete in the Cape Town Cycle tour in 10 weeks time. It will be my 22nd race, but it will be the first with one of my children. I do not know if I will be able to salvage my own ride at this stage.

This is the journey of life- when I feel like reaching good goals, something always makes it difficult…

I am working through these times with the knowledge of the Camino- keep on walking, keep going through the hurt, the Camino provides…

I am hurting at the moment, but on a good path…

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