Day 14: Santiago de Campostela

Senor Snail used some NOS- he made it to Santiago!

Thanks for the encouragement!

We made it!

Got the certificate that proves I am mad…


Will blog more soon, but that is enough for today.

We made the evening Pilgrims Mass, and they swung the Butafumeiro… awesome!

Just one last tip: If you ever walk the Camino, save money along the way. But the last night: Stay at San Martin Pinario just behind the Cathedral. And eat their Pilgrims meal the evening after mass. It will change your life!

7 thoughts on “Day 14: Santiago de Campostela

  1. Congratulations and making it and thank you for sharing. I enjoyed following you on your journey. It was very inspiring and just motivated me to do the pilgrimage with my husband sooner than planned. Blessings to you and your wife!


  2. Congratulations! Been following you. Having walked the Portuguese in 2016. And enjoyed your blog…, your modesty and kindness but especially your comments about SAfrica and the contrasts in Spain. I am from Canada, so very different contrasts. In 2013 I walked into Santiago, Francais route, with a couple from SAfrica and our first stop was for a hamburger. I am returning next month to repeat. Rest. And don’t miss the pilgrim museum in the square. Or a bus to Muxia and Finisterra.

    Anne O’Grady MAGPYE Productions

    T 250.494.8991 | C 250.488.0087



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