Day 13: Padron

Early morning is beautiful on the Camino. The route from Caldas de Reys also does not disappoint. We exited town by way of an old Roman bridge. Asterix did say these Romans are crazy, but they could build infrastructure that lasted!


And it is getting to that stage of the Camino. The hurting, nervous stage. We saw a brand new pair of Solomons ladies boots discarded at 40 km…

I suppose someone forgot to walk them in… also saw other new shoes just left along the Way…

IF they hurt… someone else may need them more… the Camino provides. Even if you only have one foot: DSC_0751.JPG

We loved the parts through nature on today’s route.

 DSC_0759.JPG DSC_0754.JPG DSC_0735.JPG

We also saw Senor Snail again, he is making good time as we journey along…

Today was also a bit hot, we really struggled to finish today. I have a little toe that had callused over in the beginning, it is now sporting a brand new blister.

After a long day we arrived at our albergue-Cruces de Ilia. Beautiful and clean place. The hospitaliero told us more of the history of Padron. He also mentioned a special certificate (Pedronia) that you obtain by visiting the two churches DSC_0770.JPGof Padron, and get your Pilgrims Passport stamped there. You claim the certificate at the municipal albergue behind the church in town centre.

So I got mine…

Tomorrow is now laying ahead. Our feet are shot and our legs hurt like hell. We have differing opinions of how far tomorrows walk will be exactly. Google Maps say 19, John Brierley 25.4, the marker behind our Albergue 22.5 and our host 25. So we add them up-tomorrow will be approxinately 87 km. I hope it is a little less…

We will be walking.   DSC_0769.JPG


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