Day 11: Pontevedra

Today when we woke up it was raining. So we walked in the rain. It was still beautiful.

We found Mr Snail again on his way to Santiago. I asked him when he passed us. His answer: “What do you think I have been doing while you were sleeping?” Well, he is going great!

Came across an interesting Camino stall along the Way, the guy seems to speak all languages except Afrikaans…

We are nearing Santiago now, I think just 66 km to go.

Today felt long on the hoof, especially through the outer limits of Pontevedra.

Again you find this city’s beauty in it’s older parts.

Not so much beautiful photos tonight I am afraid., really tired. Tomorrow- Caldas de Reis, another about 22 km day. We are now cooking ravioli, pork and veggies in our guest house.   DSC_0645.JPGWe are staying at Familia Compartir near the Bullring. Very nice people, very good price, look them up on Booking. com

Thats it, over and out for today.

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