Day 10: Redondela

Today we were really glad that we walked more than 12 km of the route yesterday! We started off 1.3 km before where we stopped yesterday, so we have even more km on our Way to Santiago. But we cheated just a little bit. At the place where you exit Vigo and enter the Redondela municipality, the Camino turns right across the highway, and steep uphill. We started walking that yesterday… we turned around and chose the easier route downhill into Redondela. Underneath the huge Rande bridge…

We are always amazed by the ruins of houses with the nicest views, wish we could buy one and live there!

The views just outside Redondela is stunning, with ua amazed at all the structures in the ocean to produce seafood, I wish I knew how that worked.

We walked downhill into Redondela, through some interesting paths and places along the way… steepest downhill tunnel I ever saw!

In Redondela a huge sporting day was unfolding, we sat at a coffee shop and enjoyed young fit people doing their thing.

Then we walked on. A rain storm caught up with us and we sat it out at a Repsol filling station:

Finally it is good to see some Camino Markers again!

We missed them following our own heads and making our own way .

Tonight we are staying over at O Refuxio de la Jerezana 3km outside Redondela. We have been welcomed like family, and our clothes are being washed, and a Pilgrim’s meal ordered for dinner. Life is good on the Camino!

Ps all my photos are raw, unedited, I just brought my Sony Xperia mobile phone with and none of my better cameras. I hope you can still make something out!

4 thoughts on “Day 10: Redondela

  1. I love that you are sharing your “Camino” adventure on a blog. Every day I look forward to reading where you’ve been to and looking at the photos. It is motivating me, even more, to do the “Camino” with my husband. Your photos are spectacular, thank you for sharing your journey with us.


    1. Thanks Debbie, my first Camino was solo, so much better sharing it with my wife! I hope you start planning your Camino soon, it is easy, buy two flight tickets to Spain… 🙂


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