Rest Day: Vigo

Let me start by saying: I live in a rural town in South Africa, one of the best possible locations to raise kids. But we live in a very violent, crime ridden country. If your car breaks down at night on our highways, the chance is good that you get killed for your mobile phone and the contents of your purse. We are very paranoid about safety and security in our part of the world. Now picture this from my context. We are staying in a nice Hotel in Vigo. At half past one I get waken up by a huge noise outside. I gaze out of the window. The pizza place across the road is still open. And a family with toddlers walks out. At half past 1 in the morning! It first got to me, and then I was a little bit jealous of a society where families and single women can walk around in a city at night without any fear. The racket was the garbage trucks collecting all the recycleables at 1 at night.

I fell asleep again. When we woke up, I had an idea. Tomorrow is going to be a long day to the Refugio 3 km on the other side of Redondela. Why don’t we walk most of it today, get stamps for our Pilgrims Passports, catch a bus back and start there again tomorrow. And that is what we did. We started by going down to the Cathedral of Vigo. We had coffee nearby. We loved the public art again: Look at this statue of a hard working fisherman in the park:

Across the road is the statue to his family, anxiously awaiting his return every day:

We really found the beauty of Vigo in its older parts. It sure has some very beautiful streets and sights!DSC_0535.JPGDSC_0528.JPG

We had a really long walk today, but we found unexpected joy along the Way. I told my wife of Cafe Ezequel in Melide and how marvelous Pulpo is. And when we walked past 10 km for the day, across one bridge, I saw the pot outside this Cafe and just knew.

The Camino surprises you every day, when you least expect it. I could bless my wife with the pleasure of Pulpo, a Galicean speciality.

She enjoyed it very much!

We walked on, past some cars we never get to see in South Africa, what om earth is this?

A one seater Renault? We also don’t know the 2 seater Toyota Aygo in our part of the world.

We stood amazed at this enormous bridge, and admired the engineering skills it must take to do this well:

So, today, in stead of resting our feet, we walked more than 14 km again. The fireworks are going off, Portugal is playing at 20h00, I think we shall go watch the game with the public at the square behind the Cathedral. Our feet are HURTING, but man, do we love this journey through Spain and Portugal!

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