Vigo Day 8- more photos

Today was just one of those days where I did not feel like taking a lot of photos. But here are a few: we had a hard time staying on the Way in Vigo. But I am still amazed by the public art in Spain, be it on buildings:

or statues of the normal working guy at unexpected places:

Vigo surprised me. Where I expected a sleepy fishing village, we found a city of more than half a million people. It is huge!

But on our way to our hotel we found the city fathers (and mothers not to sound patronizing!) put a set of four elevators to the street where we live. Now that is thoughtfull!

We are on a month long journey in a country that is more expensive than ours. So we do cut our expenses where we can. As we are staying in a nice hotel for our rest, we are cutting on mealtimes again. We do not have kitchen facilities for the weekend. My wife said we should avoid another session of bread, cold meats and cheese. When we walked through the small supermarket that has no prepared foods, guess what we had for dinner?

But there is always a light shining in the darkest tunnel. My favorite energy source on the Camino comes at just 70 cents of a Euro for 6…

Today and tomorrow we are trying to rest and heal our feet. We are a little bit scared of the distances and topography of the final 5 days into Santiago, which we foolishly (me, I did that) booked on the John Brierley Scedule. We don’t know yet if we are tough enough for the 25 km days with some climbing involved. But we will soon find out!

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