Day 6: Oia

We found Mario at the mobile home, behind the restaurant, behind the Orbitur Campsite at Caminha. And he asks 5 Euro per pilgrim across the river to Spain. And so we went…

Look out for the purple and red boat, that is the one, got us 4 hours faster into Spain than the ferry!

Across the Minho river you start off with boardwalks. And some spectacular views!

A Guarda first looks a bit disappointing, till you turn the corner and see the harbour.

Enjoy A Guarda, drink your coffee, eat something… for in this stage there are much less opportunities to do so than in Portugal.

In A Guarda the prophets have been busy again…

After quite a lot of km we came across this bar, first one after A Guarda. The only place we found between A Guarda and Oia selling food or drink!

They only had bread for one boggadilo (help with spelling please?) so that was what we shared, our only meal for the day.

The route self goes through different types of scenery, from beautiful, wild coastal to kilometres on the side of the main route. Here are some examples and no, I did not want a highway picture…

There are some nice places to eat and drink your own beverages, if you knew to bring some along…

You will find rest on the Way…

That umbrella is a good idea for the sun, my wife bought it at a Chinashop in Porto, really helps except when it gets windy.

We saw other pilgrims on the Way, this one is not sure when he will reach Santiago, but he is putting in a lot of effort

Ultreia, Senor Snail! Buen Camino!

We were really hungry and thirsty when we reached our destination. We are staying over in Oia, Casa Puertes. Why? Friends of ours walked the Camino in April and really enjoyed this place. We will too, at the top end of our budget but worth the money. I can see the sea from my bed, and that does not often happen to me!

If you stay over here, behind the Casa is a steep small road gong to the main road. At the top, 5 minutes walk away, on the left you will find a Blanco store with everything you need in it. We made our own dinner with bread, salmon paté, mussels, cold smoked chicken and beer. And my wife ate a tin of peas, I don’t like peas…

We were famished! Now we are just laying on the bed, waiting for the sun to set. Oia does have it’s beauty, although it does notvlook like much from a distance…

Tonight our feet are hurting a lot, such a dull thrubbing lot of pain type of hurt. Two more days, then we have a rest day planned at Vigo. We are not measuring distance but my Pedometer app gives in advance of 25000 steps per day these last 8 days. We are off to bed early because of that, really tired. Hope we are feeling better in the morning!

2 thoughts on “Day 6: Oia

  1. Hey Ewald! You’ve made it to Spain already! Thank you for sharing your adventures. It reminds me of my own Camino in March. I recognise most of the stages you’ve been to. Except that I turned right at Caminha and crossed the border at Valença. So I’m looking forward to seeing where you end up next. Buen Camino!


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