Where did April go?

I had a very fast April. Before it really kicked off, the end whistle have blown.

But it was a good month. I have walked 105 km in preparation for our upcoming Camino, which now I can start describing as “next month…” Just a short while ago  it was still 100 days away, and now… 46 I think.

A lot of time of April went into a wonderful project.  We went to the West Coast of South Africa on our motorbikes as part of the Word Riders of South Africa, a yearly project of the Bible Society of South Africa. Each year we visit another part of South Africa, going to the rural schools, meeting with people off the beaten tracks. For the official blog of what we do- vist wordriders.wordpress.com

The West Coast of South Africa is a wildly beautiful, haunted, very dry place, with some of the most colorful people in our country.

I had an amazing time with my fellow Word Riders again this year.

We have seen the sun setting over the Atlantic…
We have drunk gallons of coffee…
We rode some interesting roads…
I had some amazing quiet times…
and we discovered amazing places to eat… and have some more coffee.,..

April was wonderful, going so fast that I have never blogged at all. But I enjoyed it a lot, it was a good month in my journey of life…

And so the journey continues, onwards to Santiago…





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