Burning a Candle 🕯

This morning I am burning a candle for my friends. They are experiencing the most hurtful event any parents can ever go through: they have to bury their only son today. He died in an auto accident on Sunday morning.

My candle is just a symbol of prayer, asking God to comfort and console them as no human can.

The journey of life is not always easy, and we don’t get to understand everything. But we are not travelling alone. I could not be there for the funeral today, it is on the other side of the country. But my candle burns for you today… you are not alone…

Rest in Peace, Stefan…

4 thoughts on “Burning a Candle 🕯

  1. Morning Ewald. I have just subscribed to WordPress (as a reader – not posting anything yet). I read Verse-a-day and your name is the author for this month (July). So I googled you and ended up on your blog. Now I am following you (but not as a stalker!! Hahahahahaaa).

    Then I saw the Camino posts. This is something that my wife (Dawn) and I plan to do in the near future. Haven’t read all your posts on your journey yet. Maybe Dawn and I will read together.

    We enjoy nature and in March 2019 we did our first ever hike with a backpack. The Otter trail! It was absolutely awesome. Away from any technology. No cell phone bugging you. No news on the nonsense in our country. 5 days of walking and enjoying God’s Creation. Peace for our souls.

    So now we want to do something else and the Camino is one of the walks we are aspiring to.

    Dawn’s birthday is on 12 Jan, so she wants us to walk The Strandloper in the Eastern Cape. This is a very easy walk compared to The Otter since you follow the coastline, mainly walking on the beach. I am quite overweight and turning 53 in Oct, but I completed The Otter and had a bit of a spiritual journey.

    Keep on blogging.



    1. Ps- I am 52 and a bit overweight too, but had a really good experience on the Camino. This was my second Camino, the first one you can read about on my old blog… vosperdruiter.wordpress.com- Afrikaans name but mostly in English.

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