The battle to get fit…

At the moment my wife and I are spending as much time as possible training for our Camino. I did reach a total of 106 km for February. I just don’t have time at the moment to do any more walking than that.

But we are experiencing some excellent times as a couple together, walking. This weekend we had a camp with our church in a beautiful South African bushveld setting.  On Saturday morning we did a 10.3 km hike on the very sandy road crossing the reserve. It was wonderful to see a lot of wildlife, and we specially enjoyed seeing the tracks of the dung beetles and huge shongololo’s (millipedes) as well as the tracks of some giraffes.

In this particular venue there are no Big 5 animals (lions, hippo, elephant, buffalo and rhino’s) so we were quite safe, but enjoyed nature at its best. I must confess that sandy paths really tires me a lot, I am not that hiking fit yet…


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